Cris Rocha


Hello! My name is Cristiane Rocha, a wife and a mother of a 5 years old boy who loves dinosaurs.

I’m a professional organizer, and I believe having quality time to enjoy my family without the stress of a messy house or having things behind, it is a wonderful feeling my friend!

It takes courage to start, to purge, but I will help you to Organize with Purpose. Organize with Cris…

Cristiane Rocha.

More things about me:

I always considered myself organized but after my son was born, I started struggling keeping my home clutter free. But because I don’t like to see clutter, I hid it behind doors, closets, drawers. Every day, I used to spend hours hiding my clutter so at least by the end of the day I could have some feeling of accomplishment. Big mistake, because on the next day I had to do it all over again and again.

I was getting overwhelmed with my clutter until I decided to research about organization and I learned that it was NOT about having a tidy and clean house only, it was about creating organization systems that helps us to easily maintain our home and our life under control once and for all!

I learned how to do it, I got certified, and I decided I want to do it for others.

Today I’m organizing lives.

My purpose was having a home totally organized so I could spend my time enjoying my family and doing things that really matters to me. Also, being able to organize once and not going back daily to keep organized. I did it!

What is your purpose about your home and yourself?